Janice quite simply is amazing. From our first visit with her we knew that she was the right choice for our wedding planning! We both had limited experience in any sort of event planning, and did not have many specific ideas or requests at our initial meeting. Despite this, Janice was able to craft our dream wedding and was able to ascertain our likes and dislikes, and our style, with ease. After just a few short questions she was able to put together a wedding style board that was spot on. She has a vast network of vendors and she was adept at knowing which vendors fit our style and needs. Her connections stretch worldwide! While our cake came from our hometown, our photographer came from Indianapolis and our invitations came from the UK! She truly will go to the ends of the earth to make sure things are perfect. She was an expert at making sure that we only had to deal with the positive aspects of our wedding. When we had a few minor vendor issues, Janice took care of everything behind the scenes. Her attention to detail was also remarkable. She leaves nothing to chance and there was never any question in our minds that things would go off without a hitch. The schedule was planned down to the minute and all of the vendors were kept updated by Janice. She truly is a powerhouse in this business. After everything was done we felt like a staff of fifty was responsible for the planning and execution, but it was all Janice and it was, in a word, perfect.
— Cole & Zack

Janice, we already miss you. From all of us, a huge THANK YOU to you and crew and to all of the talented people you brought to us to make a dream wedding happen -- REALLY! We were very humbled to be working with people of your caliber/quality who brought such a gift to US!! So much thought and love and concern for us as your client in every detail, and beyond, which is what you promised. Everyone working was just wonderful, because they were always positive, doing everything they could to take care of the guests first, fast, organized, working with challenging circumstances and not appearing to be doing so. We noticed all of that! I smile to myself inside about how many times my husband asked me "What did Janice say about this or that?" You just have to know him--not typical for a man who is used to being in charge! Ha! We sincerely are grateful, and never thought we could give our River such a gift. That's the way we have seen this. It was perfect, elegant, all that we wanted, more than we expected, and done by people we have felt so close to-- wonderful people! We have not stopped talking and sharing stories!
— Shelley/ Mother-of-the-Bride

Since our special day in April, my hubby and I, along with friends and family, have spent a lot (probably too much) time reflecting on how amazing the day turned out. One of the questions we get asked the most is "was it worth it to hire a wedding planner?" My immediate response is "ABSOLUTELY." Yes, it is an added cost, but I will be the first person to tell you that you cannot put a price tag on feeling completely relaxed throughout the planning process AND the end result being the exact wedding (probably even better) that you have always dreamed of. Spectacular Soirees made this a reality for us, and our gratitude for them is overflowing. Janice has the capability to get inside of your head - she takes ideas that you give her and somehow comes up with a way to make them even better. The hubby and I had a pretty set idea of the kind of wedding we wanted - we coined it "Rustic Glam." We gave a few small details to Janice, and what she came back with was a real-life Pinterest board of what our day would look like. She was SO good that the example dress she had on the board was actually one I had printed out years ago as what I envisioned myself in - I was completely blown away! As we picked out our vendors and planned all the details, one of the things I appreciated most about working with Spectacular Soirees was their honesty. During the process, it can be so easy to get carried away, overwhelmed, or to overpay, and Janice will be the first person to tell you if you are doing any of those things - perspective is key during the planning process. At the same time, she is comforting during the stressful moments (think-cost, scheduling, etc). She just gets it. The week leading up to the big day was a time I expected to be stressed. It turned out to be the complete opposite. Having a team behind you to handle all of the coordinating and timing was the best gift. It allowed me to bask in being a bride, spend time with my family and friends, and truly savor every single moment. More times than I can count, someone was asking me "how are you this calm?" and I could only assume it was because of that amazing team at Spectacular Soirees. To top it off, there is no feeling quite like walking into your venue and seeing your dream come to life. No detail was forgotten, no chair out of place, and if there were any issues, we definitely did not know about them! Two months later, as I look through photos and reminisce, I am still astounded at how perfect our day was. We could not have asked for anything more - Spectacular Soirees made our fairytale our reality, and deciding to work with them ranks as the #1 decisions we made for our wedding!
— Elle

First of all, let me start by saying...I am by far the pickiest, detailed-orientated, perfectionist I know. I'm the woman who thinks she can do her makeup and hair better than the professionals. So when I met with Janice the first time, I thought I'd be impressed, but not over the moon. Boy, was I wrong. Janice has an extremely talented gift to meet with you, listen to your needs and wants, and then make them come to life right before your eyes. And it's always unique designs that you can't even find on pinterest or the internet. This intangible ability to see someone else's 'big picture' is exactly what makes Janice so extraordinary at what she does. Janice was always on top of every little detail and helped our family to make the whole wedding planning process simple. However, the outcome was not simple by any means. The moment I stepped into my venue at the Country Club, it was breath-taking. Speechless. It was the most beautiful piece of art I've ever seen with my own two eyes. It was my 'big picture' in my head - 10+! I am so thankful and grateful to Janice for making our wedding dream come true. My parents actually received 'Thank You' notes from our guests!!! The whole town is still talking about our wedding and how stunning everything was. Thank You, Janice for taking my extremely picky, detail-oriented, and over the top imagination and bringing it to life for the most memorable and happiest day of my life!
— Ashley

Janice is like the Italian mother I never had! She was the perfect liaison for my family and I while going through this stressful wedding planning process. She was able to pragmatically communicate my own personal style and design for my wedding with all of the vendors and never settled for anything less than what my mother and I wanted. Beyond that, her creative vision for our wedding was phenomenal; an event that is still being spoken of to this day! I couldn't have imagined a more beautiful celebration for such a monumental transition in my life!
— Mary

Spectacular Soirees was amazing! I had to plan my wedding from out of town which really added on the stress. Janice made every decision I had to make simplified, and so much less stressful. Everything went perfect with the wedding, and my family and I were able to sit back and enjoy every aspect of my wedding day without having to worry about a thing, it was all taken care of. I may be bias, but both wedding and reception venues were beautiful, and many of our guests gushed about how they had never seen anything like it. Our wedding was a fall wedding, and we wanted to bring the outdoors in. Janice and her team were able to configure all the outdoorsy elements that we had wanted, into an already amazing reception hall, and the décor flowed so well!! Definitely pleased!
— Bré

Janice's personality was so easy to work with. She has a great attention for detail, and had everything all set up for us on the day of the wedding. If we had a question for her during the planning process, we never had a problem getting ahold of her. When our wedding day came, everything was perfect.
— Geoff

Like most brides, I dreamed about my wedding day since I was a little girl. For 26 years, I fantasized, glorified and dreamed of a fairytale wedding of such sheer perfection that one would have thought it only existed in the overzealous imagination of a giddy little girl. We can truly say that our wedding day far surpassed any picture I had ever created in my mind. Janice was able to anticipate our needs, pinpoint our style and execute an event that people will be talking about for years to come. She was flexible to our needs and chaotic work traveling schedule throughout the entire process. I do not know any brides that had the advantage of the peace of mind, organization and creativity that we had partnering with Janice to plan our wedding day. The details were second to none. She came up with ideas no one had ever seen before. Our guests were amazed, as there were surprises and details at every turn. "Quality", "Extraordinary" and "Detailed" are the three words I would use to describe our wedding day, and Spectacular Soirees made that happen. Fairytales do come true!
— Elise

I hope we can work together in the future. I can now say in 35 years of working in/booking entertainment, working on and creating events, you are by far the best event planner on so many levels I have worked with and I have worked with some great ones across the US.-- you're tops! No patronizing, just a fact.
— Ken Marshall, Managing Director (vendor)

From the time I opened my robin's egg blue invitation, adorned with a peacock feather, I knew this was a party I couldn't miss. It was a unique party paying homage to a 1920's home — a "Roarin' 20's Theme". I was not disappointed. From the minute I stepped out of my car, I felt I had slipped back in time. In front of the period home, was a 1920's Model T car. Guests were in line to get their picture in front of the glamour accessory. Everywhere I looked there were people dressed in authentic 1920's garb. There were gangsters, flappers, and even a Barber Shop quartet to entertain the guests. No detail was overlooked, there were even real 1920's magazines on the tables-how she found all of those, I will never know! There was so much going on, my only disappointment was the party didn't last two days. We went home amazed and overjoyed by the fun we had. The event planner, Janice Board, had outdone herself. It was spectacular extravaganza!
— Cindy